Everything Zatanna Zatara (and possibly everything related to her)

June 7, 2012 12:28 am


My Continuing Adventures in DC Universe Online land - “I re-created my character”

I’m just going to bed right now after playing an hour-2hours of DC Universe Online but before playing the game, I went on to decide whether I should start all over again because on my last DC Universe Online post, I was talking about how I wanted her (my super hero) to be a Magic hero instead of a Tech hero.


I just recreated my character with the same physical appearance, powers and skills; she’s still the same escaped from hell, demonic, top hat/metal head corset-wearing, Zatanna fan girl, martial arts, ass kicking, sorcery chick that I described, in corny Fan Fiction format, on my last post

I gave her a last name. So her full name is Hellvadina DeVille (play off of Hell and Devil just like Cruella de Vil…chessy as hell, I know…), just to distinguish between the two at the character select screen, despite the fact that it tells me the description. But hey, why not?

Not only that, I also changed her mentor from Batman to Wonder Woman so now my super hero is a lvl 6 Magic hero (she used to be a lvl 5 Tech hero). NOW I was able to team up with Zatanna, her (and my) favorite super hero EVER! I must not get attached to my own characters or my favorite super heroes because they aren’t real…=( But Misty Lee is pretty much a real life Zatanna!

Alright, I’m going to sleep. I need to buy myself an Easycap and some audio cords so I could plug my Playstation 3 into my laptop and play during the day, so I won’t sleep this late!