Everything Zatanna Zatara (and possibly everything related to her)

June 7, 2012 12:28 am


My Continuing Adventures in DC Universe Online land - “I re-created my character”

I’m just going to bed right now after playing an hour-2hours of DC Universe Online but before playing the game, I went on to decide whether I should start all over again because on my last DC Universe Online post, I was talking about how I wanted her (my super hero) to be a Magic hero instead of a Tech hero.


I just recreated my character with the same physical appearance, powers and skills; she’s still the same escaped from hell, demonic, top hat/metal head corset-wearing, Zatanna fan girl, martial arts, ass kicking, sorcery chick that I described, in corny Fan Fiction format, on my last post

I gave her a last name. So her full name is Hellvadina DeVille (play off of Hell and Devil just like Cruella de Vil…chessy as hell, I know…), just to distinguish between the two at the character select screen, despite the fact that it tells me the description. But hey, why not?

Not only that, I also changed her mentor from Batman to Wonder Woman so now my super hero is a lvl 6 Magic hero (she used to be a lvl 5 Tech hero). NOW I was able to team up with Zatanna, her (and my) favorite super hero EVER! I must not get attached to my own characters or my favorite super heroes because they aren’t real…=( But Misty Lee is pretty much a real life Zatanna!

Alright, I’m going to sleep. I need to buy myself an Easycap and some audio cords so I could plug my Playstation 3 into my laptop and play during the day, so I won’t sleep this late!

June 3, 2012 8:48 pm


Adventures in DC Universe Online land - DAMN IT!

I should have had Wonder Woman as my mentor so I could be a Magic hero and hang out with the Magic people like Zatanna and do Magic quests!

Now I’m stuck of being a lvl 5 tech hero because I chose Batman as my mentor but I have sorcery powers and martial arts skills. At least I could do Magic but I’m still labeled as a flippin’ Tech Hero. Good grief! =\

I’ll put some pics, and maybe some gameplay videos, of what my character looks like.

Description of my character in Fan Fiction format (dear god…well, here we go…)

I created a female character who came from hell but came back to earth to do good. She’s got the demonic skin but clothed in metal head/casual gear, making what I’d describe her as a Zatanna fanatic from hell.

She’s too much of Zatanna fan, a Zatanna fan girl, always wanting to be like her that one day, she screwed up by trying to dabble with witchcraft and was sent to hell where she was held captive by Satan.

She had to work for Satan by going back to earth to torment the living souls, using sorcery powers that Satan bestowed upon her, and to bring them to hell so she wouldn’t be tormented herself. She of course had heart and did not want to hurt the innocent so she refused to do on her first mission to earth.

Therefore, upon returning to hell, she was pushed into a pit of lava by Satan but escaped due to a mysterious entity (a “friend” rescued from the pits) and came back to earth looking like a demonic monster yet “hot”-looking (that’s just pun-believable) due to burns suffered through out her body.

She was taken in and trained by Batman after finding her battered in an alley. She self-trains her sorcery powers she had gained by Satan with help from members of the watch tower Magic ward.

Okay, that enough of my nerdgasm for today. Going to play some more DCUO. I REALLY love this game!